Blinded by your sight


I´m a poor boy in the mornin´

I´m your hero in the night

and I drink too much tequila

`cause I´m blinded by your sight

When I walked into the barroom

just to get another drink

I was heavily stoned

and I couldn´t stop to think

Good ol´chicks that I was chasing

there were (wo)man on my mind

saw you sittin in the corner

and completely lost my mind


I would tell a litlle story

of the things we cannot find

when your thoughts begin to turn

and you feel you waste your time

it´s the love of a (wo)man

and the price of the wine

´keeps me runnin´ round

a better lifetime to find


I know where I´m supposed to be

and think that´s allright

that we´re doin´it by day

and in the heat of the nights

We were walkin´ through the rain

start  flying with the wind

took a trip to seventh heaven

never to come back again

I can see  you are so lonely

well,--- just how it´s ment to be

that´s why your listening to this song

 my loneliness to see




© 2003 by Gert Klimanschewski