I need funny days

I need funny times

I need so desperatly

to be free


I had a dream,

where I take your hands

left for my love

roght for my child


wanna go through flower lands

with bluest skys

with deepest water

and highest trees


we need funny days

we need funny times

but the way we could take

is inside my dreams


we did not reach

our longing

but we try

and we try


so I woke up in the morning

sun burst in my mind

and I feel--, that IŽm glad

to stay here--, in my bed


dreams give me power

if they happen to me

I wish, that weŽll experience

what I had dreamed


yes, we need funny days

yes, we need funny times

for my love and my child



© 2003 by Gert Klimanschewski