Magic times for magic minds

if your young

itīs nothing

to be real

maybe ---- we all come

from a better world

with a soul

of thousand years before

I donīt like this beasty world

it gets me down

I donīt like a fucked up system

for several rich people

what ever I have to say

what ever Iīm here to stay

itīs for change of reality

I need some kind of magic

and Iīm searchin in your heart

hope to find a place

in your magic world

I feel some kind of magic

when I dance around

and the Gods come down on earth

and the eagle crys ---- loud

and the traffic stops ---- forever

and all the voices stop to cry

donīt waste your time

and die...

without some kind of magic



Đ 2003 by Gert Klimanschewski