Ridin on my bike

Itīs so hot and

you ride on your motorbike

mile after mile

you get dry


you see the coast

where girls playing ball

and dance

cominī in the beach

all faces are grinning

and look friendly to me

pull down my clothes

jump into the water

oh, I feel so cool

when moon shines fine

yeah, I play my guitar

drink much beer

smoke some grass

thatīs the feeling at south pazific oceanside

sun burned down

moon shines white

when Iīm ridin

on my motorbike


Tell all my friends

thatīs a unique way of life

share my life

only with my motorbike

all girls I meet

want sit on my bike

and then we start

a never ending ride

lay down in lonely valleys

make love on wonderfull alleys

thatīs such a pretty life

when Iīm riding on my motorbike


Đ 2003 by Gert Klimanschewski