six miles high

so far from you

six miles high

let all troubles behind


tīs cold in the air

ice on my face

turnin round my body

and see stars ridinī into space


what a majestic feel

up anī upper

high anī higher

cross old beauty sky


six miles high

Iīm near to the moon

wonīt come down

on earth I got no spoon


six miles high

fallin down again

two hundred miles an hour

back into this weaky world


six miles high

no--, I wonīt come down


six miles high

itīs only you

who gives me a reason

to come cool down


six miles high

what a pity

Iīve to leave that place

but fortunately

for the never ending moments

by your side



Đ 2003 by Gert Klimanschewski